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Adam Meakins

The Painfull Shoulder Kurs

Kurs in Langenthal, Switzerland
Samstag 26.10. & Sonntag 27.10.2024
Preis 549.-
Early Bird Preis bis 30. April 2024: CHF 520.00
Ort: Meilenstein Seminar
Lotzwilstrasse 66
4900 Langenthal
Adam Meakins Website

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2 Tage
CHF 549.–

pro Person

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Seminarpauschale inkl. Mittag
2 Kaffeepausen pro Tag

Course information

Do you want a course that doesn’t promise quick fixes or miracle cures, but instead gives an honest and realistic look at the causes and solutions for painful shoulders? Do you want a course that doesn’t promote any gimmicks, gadgets, or overly complicated assessments or treatments, but instead recognises the complexity and uncertainty around pain and rehab?Do you want a no nonsense, bullshit free course that is suitable for all hardworking, dedicated, conscientious therapists?


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Course information

This widely acclaimed course is now recognised as one of the worlds leading shoulder assessment and treatment resources, and has been taught in over 20 countries to 1000’s of clinicians across all professions.

This course is constantly evolving and based on the latest research but also some simple, honest, and practical, evidence based principles that are adaptable and transferable too many other areas.This course will provide you with the confidence and evidence that a simpler approach is both effective and efficient.

This course will provide you with an adaptable, patient centred approach, that is interactive and practical, and gets your body working just as hard as your brain.

This course is both informative and informal, educational and entertaining, giving lots of tips and ideas that you can use in clinic immediately.

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