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Mehmet Gem (The Hip Physio)

Simplifying The Hip

Kurs in Langenthal, Switzerland
Samstag 22.02. & Sonntag 23.02.2025
Preis 549.-
Early Bird Preis bis 30. August 2024: CHF 520.00
Ort: Meilenstein Seminar
Lotzwilstrasse 66
4900 Langenthal

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2 Tage
CHF 549.–

pro Person

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Seminarpauschale inkl. Mittag
2 Kaffeepausen pro Tag

Course information

Course Objectives

  1. To develop a greater understanding of the common hip and groin injuries that can present in clinic and to improve subjective questioning skills to identify these conditions.
  2. To simplify the physical examination of commonly seen hip and groin issues that we come across in clinic day to day
  3. To debunk any of the myths and mis-information out there when it comes to assessing and treating individuals with hip pain
  4. To link any of the taught learning from the course to real life case studies and incorporating evidence based treatment approaches.
  5. To enhance and develop exercise rehab prescriptions skills for commonly seen hip and groin injuries.

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