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Ben Cormack (Cor-Kinetic)

Therapeutic Movement & Experience

Kurs in Langenthal, Switzerland
Samstag 23.11. & Sonntag 24.11.2024
Preis 549.-
Early Bird Preis bis 30. Mai 2024: CHF 520.00
Ort: Meilenstein Seminar
Lotzwilstrasse 66
4900 Langenthal
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Course information

This is NOT just another back pain or exercise course. At it’s core, it’s about an active & patient focused approach to rehabilitation underpinned by the key to great rehab, clinical reasoning.

We do away with the over coaching and complication of many rehab approaches of the past and use the BPS model to open up exciting new possibilities to work with patients through both interaction (education & communication) to action (movement)
These things need to work TOGETHER to create a cohesive treatment rather than a bunchof random treatments thrown at the patient to see what sticks or a recipe-based approach that does not reflect modern practice & research. 
Approach rehab from a truly biopsychosocial perspective. We do this specifically through the lens of back pain on this course but applies across many MSK issues.

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Course information

Be prepared to discuss, move & maybe even have your biases challenged. This is not about a bunch of exercises that you could have just watched on YouTube, its understanding research better, improving communication, up skilling clinical reasoning & trimming away the unnecessary fluff. It goes way beyond just sets, reps & technique that often don’t apply well to treating people with pain anyway

It will provide you with a flexible clinical framework that can be adapted to all types of patients especially those suffering from back pain but with principles that can be adapted to all areas of the body & humans in general

This course has been taught in well over 30 countries around the world and to 100’sof clinicians.

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